The Image Validator Documentation 0.5 documentation

Command Line Application

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Command Line Application

Arguments of the application

The application can validate one image or compare two images.
Argument   Description
–save-report -s Save report into file with the same name and with extension drep
–load-report -l Load report from a given file and print it in a readable form at stdout
–save-raw-outputs -r save raw outputs from validators into files
–load-properties   program will print just properties that have value 1 in the file defined by this argument
–save-properties   program will print out all known properties
–send-report-to-web -w program will send report to web

Compare report contains both validation and comparision report.

The property list can be added to choose which properties should be printed

Example of property list definition

Image width;1
Image height;0

Property Image width will be printed and Image height will not be printed.


Program usage

validates image, prints readable report to stdout and saves it into file image.drep
c:\> differ.bat --save-report image.jpg

loads report from file image.drep and prints it to stdout
c:\> differ.bat --load-report image.drep

validates images and compares it and prints report to stdout
and save it into file image1.drep and image2.drep
c:\> differ.bat --save-report image1.jpg image2.jpg

validates images and compares it and prints report readable way to stdout
The program will print properties regarding to a file properties.lst
c:\> differ.bat --load-properties properties.lst image1.jpg image2.jpg

print properties in a format that can be used t choose the properties to be printed in future export
c:\> differ.bat --show-properties

Example output: One image validation

See this example export.

Example output: Compare two images and validate

See this example export.

Example output: PDF Export

The application also exports a simple PDF using DynamicReports library. See this example export.


You can see many more examples in the docs/ folder


Developers and unix users can use the helpful bash scripts in the folder differ-cmdline/ to run the application. The application must be compiled with Maven to the jar file before these can be run. Validation in and compare in Edit the file and comment out the lines you don’t want.

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