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Extension of application functionality

Design a comparison result in html and pdf

It could be great to have a comparison report in `html`.
Or in `pdf`. Report can be done using JasperReport.

Speed up the significant properties processing

There are a lot of properties that program must collects and normalizes.
They are stored in ArrayList structure. It is often necessary to select given properties
by its own name.

Implementing some kind of index by property name must speed up an aplication.
At least ArrayHash by property name could help.

Speed up the calling of external java extractors

Metadata extractors that are written in java can be called in running JVM
calling some class methods. It must speed up an application a lot.

Student will provide problem description at first.

At second he find out the slowest part of an application and he
will sudgest a solution.

At the end he will implement the solution.

Rest API improvement

The intention is to offer common integration pattern. All
functions of an application will be available throught REST Api.

The REST Api should offer managing of user profiles too.

Web application GUI extension

Create a user profile for selected properties

A user will choose properties that will be shown. An application
allows him to save it as profile for later use.

An application applies a user profile and gives an simple result if
all items of a profile are the same when comparing two images.

see detail description

Update the version of Vaadin to 7.x version

The application uses Vaadin 6.x version at the moment. The goal is to
use Vaadin 7.x version.

Rearranged the way of choosing images for comparison

An application will show thumbnails of uploaded images and an easy
way to choose two of them to compare.

see detail

Required knowledges:

  • Java
  • JUnit testing
  • Spring framework

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