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General Source Code Information

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General Source Code Information

Differ is split into three different packages. The differ-cmdline package is used to run differ in a command line environment with export in plaintext and drep (xml) format. The differ-webapp package creates a graphical web interface for the application. The differ-common package holds all classes and resources used by both applications to extract metadata and display it.

Each extractor tool is run with preset arguments and exported to XML. The application then transforms this data with regexp or xslt and maps it to defined properties.

Transformers of output from external programs

Main application context is

Each specified output uses one of the transformers

Each tranformation has its own configuration

At the end of transformation, some values are normalized with these classes (defined in the configuration of each extractor)


Documentation is written using Sphinx

Examples of cmdline application outputs

A lot of files with outputs of used extractors

Example scripts how the extractors were used

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