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Web Application

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Web Application

The main purpose of this tool is to compare two images and calculate differences between them. It also lists various parameters of those images, even in case when only one image file is selected.

The online application DIFFER is utilizing existing tools :

Those tools are mainly used separately across a whole spectrum of existing projects.

Other tools are tested (PDFbox, Fitsverify, etc.)

This open source application comes with a well-structured and uniform GUI, which helps the user to understand the relationships between various file format properties, detect visual and non-visual errors and simplifies decision-making. An additional feature called compliance-check is designed to help us check the required specifications of the JPEG2000 file format.

This application supports selected image formats:


(*.jfi, *.jfif, *.jif, *.jpg, *.jpe,*.jpeg)


(*.j2k, *.jpm, *.jp2, *.jpf, *. jpx, *.mj2)


(*.tif, *.tiff), DjVu


(*.djv, *.djvu)






Application offers a way to compare images. If you use it as anonymous, images you compare can not be larger than 5MB

If you log into the application you can compare images without any restriction.

You can use profiles if you log into the application.

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